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Zoë Ligon

Zoë is truly one of the most influential women of 2016. She's an artist, writer, CEO of Spectrum Boutique, and all around sex-positive presence (seriously though, Zoë for president). She writes on a number of subjects usually pertaining to her explicit experiences with sex, her body and anything else she runs into in this wacky life. Listen to us ask her a bunch of dumb questions on Episode #026.

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Molly Matalon

Bay area bae Molly Matalon makes vivid photographs that play with a nostalgia for traditional portraits and still lifes, but quickly divert and direct her viewer to details that make you feel. You can find her work featured in publications like Juxtapoz, Vice, and This Is Paper as well as small DIY galleries like Sunday in Los Angeles or Alt Space in Brooklyn. Find her on Episode #022.

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Christian Ramirez

Christian Ramirez aka The Grand Bastard is a Laguna based artist making paintings out of his badass studio. He also works at Laguna College of Art and Design, drinks rye whiskey on the rocks and showed us a great time in Baltimore where we met up with him while he was traveling for work. LISTEN UP, he is featured on Episode #017.

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Damien Maloney

The v talented Damien Maloney makes photographs, which is largely why we were interested in talking to him. He spent some years in Arizona, which is surprisingly not how we know him, and now resides in Oakland. We doubled up on this podcast with his roommate and friend, Molly Matalon. Check him out on Episode #022.

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Jesse Upshaw

Jesse is the host of Tempe based podcast, Southwest Social Club. He invited us over to do a swapcast (a term he credits to Doug Stanhope), where we cross interviewed each other(aka got drunk and smoked cigarettes). He's certainly a socialite in the Tempe community, getting the word out about local musicians, artistss, and degenerates like us. Check him out on Episode #005.

Alex Miller

We're not totally sure what exactly it is that Alex Miller does, but he loves space and research and posting badass pictures of space technology that we don't understand. He's currently studying at Arizona State University and acting as our landlord until the end of September. We're excited to learn about Alex's research and look into his seemingly massive brain.
Episode #002

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Mo Neuharth

Mo Neuharth doesn't know how to sit still, which is why we love her. She's constantly working on new projects, from musical endevours like Numb Bats to her own publishing project, Art Problems Press. She's also a photographer, lover of cocktails and really anything that will keep her hands moving. Listen to us get wasted together on Episode #006.

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Ryan Lay

Awesome pro-skater and co-founder of Skate After School, Ryan Lay is a badass currently residing in Phoenix. Hear about Welcome Skateboards, one of Ryan's current sponsors, and his other ventures on Episode #004.

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Michael Lundgren

Michael Lundgren is a Phoenix based photographer who up until 2015 was an adjunct professor at Arizona State University. He was Abigail's mentor during her undergrad education and still serves as a large source of influence for her. He makes epic landscapes and portraits of carcasses in the Sonoran Desert and we constantly get lost in his prints with deep blacks and awesome subtlety. We look forward to seeing what Mike is up to since leaving ASU. Episode #008.

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Francis Kulikowski

A former Phoenix resident now residing in Detroit, Francis is an active artist who makes really cool illustrations and paintings. She attended the Detroit Art Book Fair last year and helped to expose us to the event. She's been in Detroit for 3 years now and we want to know about her life since relocating. You can look at all her work on her website, here. Episode #014.

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John Motta

You probably know John from his insane skateboarding career, but he's also somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades. He is also the co-founder Rawr Life, which he runs with his brother, Joey Motta. The company sells superfood supplements, krill oil, locally harvested honey, and of course some merch. Check him out and learn more about his wacky life on Episode #007.

Alison Rosenfeld

Alison is Abigail's childhood friend who now makes her way in Los Angeles. She works as a music supervisor/coordinator, selecting music for films and television. She's worked on lots of big-name titles like Trainwreck and one of our favorite shows, Fresh off the Boat. Learn more about her on Episode #020.

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Ted Schmitz

Bart and Abigail have known Ted for a while now, from his activity in the Phoenix/Tempe skate scene to his photographic education at Arizona State (you probably know him from a little bit of both). He tells a hell of a story and indulges us as such, from his childhood experiences with Scientology, to his inability to read one book at a time. Check him out on Episode #019.

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Molly Soda

We met Molly on a whim while hanging in Detroit. She's a visual artist who makes videos, gifs, zines and occasionally prints. Her work largely is based around herself - documenting her body and her time in intimate moments of video that make her viewers feel like they know her. From a 10 hour video entitled Inbox Full where she reads the entire contents of her tumblr inbox, to the Tween Dreams mini series chalked with nostalgia for any millennial bbs. Find her in all her glory on Episode #015

Taura Deacon
& Caleb Holland

These two crafty bitches took fucking CARE of us when we passed through Denver, CO. They showed us a bit of their lives by letting us hang with their sweet lil pup Lemmy, taking us to a skate park, showing us their neighborhood, feeding us amazing food & drink, and giving us a wacky ass night at a warehouse in an industrial complex. We'd do it again, and probably will. You can find Taura's blog here and check them out on Episode #010.

Rachel Ware

Bad ass bitch Rachel Ware was born & raised in Omaha where she co-owns The Backline Comedy, a theatre for comedy, improv and education on the two. She's a fucking riot and we loved getting to know her and her ambitions over the course of our stay in Omaha. Get to know her more on Episode #012.

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Bucky Miller

We go back a ways with Bucky, from takin lots of pics together to skateboarding, he's one of the most talented artists we know. He's currently working on his Master's at the University of Texas in Austin. You can learn more about him on Episode #018.

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Vivian Fu

You probably know Vivian Fu from her cult-like web following, click-bait articles written about her, and of course, her astounding photography. She resides in San Francisco with her partner, Tim, working her day job while creating work as well. Check out her work and listen to us shoot the shit on Episode #023.